Multiformat at 128kbps public listening test

Since the last Multiformat at 128kbps test, some development happened. Apple launched the iTunes music management app for the Windows platform; several developers - in response to Xiph's slow development rhythm - started developing tuning branches to standard Vorbis 1.0.1, improving quality considerably. Lame got tuned further by Gabriel Bouvigne mostly, and Atrac3 became an interesting contender since it's not limited to MiniDisc anymore.

Also, this test can be seen as an interesting competition about the quality in online music stores. The ubiquitous iTunes Music Store is represented by iTunes AAC, several other stores are using WMA Std, and Sony is expected to launch their own music store soon, featuring Atrac3.

The encoders and parameters tested are:

If you have any other question, please get in touch.

Thank-you very much,

Roberto Amorim.

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